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"Katie made my wedding day feel even more special because I didn't have to worry about anything except making sure my vows were set, getting into my wedding dress, marrying my fiance and dancing the night away! I even got to eat and enjoy all the little moments. Katie even handled behind the scenes issues I didn't know about until later, like when the violinist spilled hot, hot coffee on her lap! (The violinist was okay!) Katie helped my guests and my family throughout the day and she is totally worth every penny."

~Rachel, Washington

​"I have always been an invitation person, so I knew I wanted to have unique invitations for my wedding. I searched the internet high and low for inspiration pictures and sent them off to Katie along with my address list, and that was basically the extent of my involvement. What Katie delivered blew me away! They were exactly what I had envisioned and were such good quality - I couldn't stop looking at them! I had many guests message me as soon as they received them that they thought they were so cool and unique. Plus, the fact that she addressed them and sent them took a huge burden off of us during an already busy and stressful time. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone looking for that custom touch to make their special day even better."

~Jessi, Montana

"When I started planning my wedding, I had no idea where to start. Once I met with Katie, she immediately began organizing my thoughts, and helped me to understand all the different questions that need to be answered beyond location and photographer. There were so many details that I never even knew needed to be considered. She really opened up my eyes to all the details and moving pieces of a wedding.  She is detail oriented, high energy, focused and thought provoking. After she helped set me on the right track (and handed me a binder!) she then helped narrow down the wedding world which can seem endless. By meeting with Katie, the large and exciting task of planning a wedding became so much more tangible. We are so thankful for Katie's guidance, and would recommend her help to anyone!" 

~Casey, Washington

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