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Weducation Wednesdays: To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

The website can either be your best friend or your worst enemy during your wedding planning process. I'm here to help you navigate Pinterest so you can use the site in the least stressful way!

Katie Taylor Events Wedding Planner Modern and Unique Guest Wedding Reception Tablescape

Pinterest can be an awesome tool for inspiration and show you how to bring an idea to life. It can also be deceiving and drag you down rabbit holes. There's a lot, and I mean a lot, of pretty wedding day photos. I’ll let you in on a secret. Many wedding celebration images posted on Pinterest are actually styled shoots. Planners, photographers, florists, decorators and designers put their best foot forward to create  highly stylized mock weddings. These shoots are typically extremely expensive. They are also typically unrealistic for a wedding with 100 + guests. So, here are some tips to help keep you on track!

Set a Timer

Our best sage advice here is to set a timer at the start of your Pinterest journey. It is super easy, we've done it!, to go down a rabbit hole when you're researching a topic. Or even looking at all the pretty pictures. Keeping yourself to a time limit means you're more focused during your searches and will help keep you on track of why you got onto the website in the first place. Trust us on this one!

What are you loving?

Pin what you love. Get started on this right away. As you pin more pictures you develop stronger preferences for things like your color palette, guest tablescape and your floral plan. Don’t hesitate to delete images you’re no longer in love with that you pinned in the beginning. 

Big Picture: Look at Your Pins Overall

Look at your pins and ask yourself what you like about each image. You’ll start to see a theme. You’ll notice you gravitate towards a color palette of sage and terra cotta over blush and cream. You’re drawn to a greenery runner on your guest tables instead of a runner filled with blooms. Determine what you’re attracted to and what you like at the beginning because this will guide you as you move forward and make decisions. This will also help you determine which vendors can support your style, vision and dreams. 

Your Guide to Get You Through

Let the spirit of your vision guide you and not the specifics of your vision. Using Pinterest as a resource to execute your vision is helpful for curating your overall vibe and theme. Also, trust your professionals you've hired on your vendor team. They are pros for a reason. If you're giving them an inspiration photos, keep in mind your wedding vendors may not be able to recreate someone else’s work. So let your team be their creative selves for you. You chose the florist you did for a reason. You liked their style and it fit with your vision. It's in their wheelhouse. Allow them to bring it to life!

Katie Taylor Events Wedding Planner Organize your Pinterest for Wedding

So, to recap, first and foremost, your wedding day is a celebration of you and your soon-to-be-spouse! Let it be! Don't think that just because you saw it on Pinterest means that you must include it into your wedding day. If you don't like baby's breath, then why would it appear in your floral vision for your celebration? Pinerest can be a great resource to source or to learn how to execute an idea. Remember, many of the wedding posts you see are styled shoots, where planners, florists, photographers bring their best work forward and mockup a vibe or a theme. Keeping that in mind, and setting a timer, can help you keep your sanity!


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