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Weducation Wednesday: Getting Your Marriage License in Montana

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Montana boasts stunning scenery, majestic mountains and the biggest, bluest skies you’ve ever seen. So it’s no wonder people choose to host their wedding and their wedding reception here in Big Sky country. One of the most important details of your wedding that can not be overlooked is your marriage license.

Here in Montana, getting your marriage license is not hugely complicated. Let’s walk through some key points!

  • There is no waiting period to get married in Montana. Once you have received your marriage license from the Clerk of District court, you are all set.

  • Both spouses must be present at the time of the application and both must sign.

  • The application costs $53. You’ll need to bring along some information and some documents and you can view those here.

  • Your marriage license is valid only 180 days after it is issued so you’ll want to have your ceremony within that time frame. Otherwise you have to start the process all over again, including having to pay the fee and fill out the paperwork.

  • Residents of Montana can get their marriage license in any county and marry in any county.

  • You must return your marriage license within 30 days after your ceremony to the Clerk’s office that issued your license so it can be registered with the State. Afterwards, the couple will receive two certified copies. Hang onto these! You’ll need to show one should you choose to change your last name and of course for legal purposes.

Please always check with the Clerk of District Court for any updated information regarding getting your marriage license.

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